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  • Ingredients in cigarettes

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    Chemicals in Tobacco Smoke · Tar: Sticky substance that settles in your lungs. It's also used to pave roads. · Formaldehyde: Used to embalm dead bodies. Reynolds produces one domestic cigarette brand family that contains no-additive tobacco blends. Tobacco products without additives are not any safer than those?. You'd be surprised to find out what's in your cigarette – chemicals like methanol (?main ingredient in rocket fuel), ammonia (household cleaner).

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    Search for:. Image of. When the fermented cigar tobacco is smoked, these compounds give off several tobacco-specific nitrosamines TSNAs , some of the most potent cancer-causing substances known. The cocktail of chemicals in cigarette smoke comes from different sources when a cigarette is made and used. Smoking is highly addictive. National Cancer Institute.


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