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  • Cigarette breaks at work

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    "Employers are not required to give 'smoking breaks' on top of the usual breaks required under the Working Time Regulations ," explains. No. Employees are only entitled to time off work for breaks as set down in Section 12 of the Organisation of Working Time Act Your. Employers can make their workplace “smoke free” if they choose to do so. Smoking at work is generally managed under workplace policies and.

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    If they do it must comply with the legal requirements. It's a question that divides many offices - with those without the habit claiming it's simply unfair to give smokers that extra time out. You should detail your arrangements in your terms of employment. The legislation does not cover domiciliary care, where care is provided in a private home, in these circumstances Company policy should provide guidance to carers to ensure service users are allowed to follow a preferred lifestyle, but safeguards the health of everyone that does not smoke or does not want to breathe the smoke of others. So, is my boss within her rights to deprive me of satisfying my nicotine craving?


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